Washing Clothes & Hating Hoes

Not much going on today, other than cursing the ground (or should I say server)that blogger walks on and washing the bajillion loads of dirty stinky clothes I have.

I hate even walking out side my door sometimes. It never fails that some ‘kid’ is going to bombard me with some lame ass line like “Baby, you looking fi-yah (hot)! What yo’ name is?”

Excuse you, little mister-I-dropped-out-of-school-in-the-third-grade, it is obvious you need to go back to school with the quickness and take speech, english, what the fuck ever you need to in order to learn how to properly speak to a woman who is your elder….lil bastard cunt.

Why don’t you bring your lame ass over her and help me tote this laundry and then I might could use your ass for a little housework. Other than that–back the fuck off and don’t come around me again until you’re grown….meaning you have a nice stable job, aren’t financially ruined because of debt and you know what it means to treat a woman like a ‘lady’. Fuck the fact that I have a complete potty mouth–still Respect, people, respect. I can curse all I fucking want to..but dang, I am still a lady when the time warrants it.

Oh well….time to get my big tush up and go pull clothes from the machine.

Maybe something juicy will jump off and I can run back and blog that shit.

In the words of Vanilla Ice (who I think is way caliente)–“Ice, ice, baby……too cold, too cold!”


This Shit Is Fucked

So does anyone know just what the hell is Blogger’s real problemo. Stupid fucks. Don’t they know that millions-babillions of idiots like me get their kicks out of blogging. Damn it for my ass for not paying for a damn blog service that actually works and does not bullshit around for fucking days at a fucking time.


I am so going to log into the computer and try to navigate my ass to my blog and find that shit deleted, gone—I am just waiting for Blogger to go belly up because everybody lost all their shit.

Damn it.

Get it together, fuck. Free wp does not allow me to fully utilize my creativity!

On Behalf Of MJ….

So, mj convinced me to post a picture of her favorite family.

Piggy and Tazzy celebrated the birthday of their daughter, Barmey by hiring clowns, parading elephants, and a gaggle of gypsies all skantily clad singing “Happy Birthday”.

The event turned from a warm and fuzzy loving party to a drunken dance of wild heathens when Piggy had a little too much to drink and decided that it was high time to dance atop the table singing “God Bless America”….did I mention, he had no clothes on at the time?

Tazzy tried feverishly to get him down, but quickly fell to the floor when Barmey pulled his wig off and he slipped on a tic-tac.

After regaining his composure, Tazzy stormed out of the party area and was run over by a milk truck on his way home.

Barmey and Piggy, still inside, continued to party on until the cops came in to tell them the sorrowful news.

Piggy simply lifted a glass full of spirits and shouted, “May he rest in peace, the bloody cunt!” Posted by Picasa

Shit Bites You In The Ass Sooner or Later

I am such a turd.

Nothing going on that is remotely interesting enough to post about.

Normal mommy stuff here. Cooking for the kids. Tending to the kids. Breaking up fights between the kids. And all that other stuff that somes with being a parent.

No crazy stuff. Schizo called. Not sure when he will have my car running. That’s okay though, I am driving the shit out of Jack(ass)(shit)’s jeep. No rush here. Take all the time you need.

You know what is funny though—Jack was so scared that I would take his precious piece of shit ass jeep that he signed the fucking title over to his skank ass girlfriend. Yesterday she went to his job and broke into his truck. She took a pair of tennis shoes she had bought him (how ghetto) and tried to find the title that she had signed over to him. Well, she didn’t find the title and his ass rushed to the courthouse to get it switched. Dude was scared shitless.

What makes it even more satisfying is that his ass put $1500 down on her car. Go figure. You were so scared of me taking your shit, now look at her. And don’t you feel like a damn fool. The bitch kept you from your kids and got you to pay on her car. Dumb ass.

And now, who’s face are you in? Who are you asking for help from now. Life has a way of kicking you square in the jaw. Karma is a bitch.

Now she is blowing up his cell phone, mad because his ass is spending time over here. Oh well…bitch please. Stay the fuck away from me and keep me out of your shit. Nasty ass.

This shit is just too dang funny. I am so loving it.

Did I mention he furnished her whole house with MY shit.

When he asked for it, her ass THREW it all out in the street. Now she ain’t got shit, I don’t want the shit (my house is furnished with all NEW shit) and his ass continues to look stupid.

Booger Blogger Strikes Again

I am so getting fucking sick of this damn stupid retarded wack ass shit!

Please feel free to bash your head against the screen, as I am tinkering around the code to get the comments to behave themselves.

As of right now, comments are not working. You can right click and open in new window, but that shit takes forever.

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

*hangs closed sign*

The Last P&T Installment

Alas…I have grown weary of PSP…..it is time that we part our ways…..

Back to templates…I so need to change this one.

So on that note…enjoy the photo of the beautiful lady in her matronly state. Posted by Picasa

Meet Jack

So everyone, this is the infamous Jack.

Okay, so not really. But wouldn’t it be something if Billy Zane was indeed my baby daddy. The man is just tooooooooo fine!

I am just a wee bit obsessed with his ass. What a chick wouldn’t give to have his beautiful fine ass sitting on my couch at night. Umph, umph, umph.

Thanks, MJ for posting the pics of my hottie tottie.

Now evreyone, stop drooling, I had him first! Posted by Picasa

Long Bitch Post

Other than my newfound addiction to photoshopping fucking pictures, not much is going on.

Hell…hold up…why the hell am I lying.

A whole LOTTA shit has been going on.

Jack is still kissing my ass. And gosh dang it, I like it. Who knows how long this will last, but I am gonna milk this shit for all its fucking worth.

Had to have another heart to heart with a friend of mine last night.

Apparently they are a lil jealous of the fact that I am spending time with Jack.

Let me clear something up….I bitch about a lot of shit here….talk a whole mess of noise. But I don’t know if anyone ever read the archives…..Jack did not leave me for another woman. I left him nine months before that. We tried to get back together and I was not ready for that shit. He felt that and called it quits. I started dating again. And loved to run my damn mouth to Jack. I don’t know–maybe I thought I could make his ass jealous or some stupid shit like that. Fucked, I know. Whoever said I was sane? I sure didn’t.

But any fucking way……I told Jack his ass better sign the divorce papers cuz I was so ready to get ‘married’. That is when Jack shut a bitch up quick and moved in with that skank ass girl he called “Peaches”. That shriveled up dried ass prune bitch. Pissed me the fuck off.

Where am I going with this–I don’t know. Shit, I hate when that happens. Oh well…deal with it cunts.

Anyway….my friend is jealous. I can understand that. He likes me…..’likes’ me and folks have feelings and shit. But dang, this shit is getting tired. I am so past beating a dead horse. I want to be friends with this person, but I do not need anyone telling me about any decision I make. And what I talk about with my ‘husband’ is MY business….unless I decide to share it. But I don’t share everything. Somethings are just for ME. Why can’t he understand that?

I am finally getting a break. I am getting help with FOUR kids that are NOT in school and are with me ALL day long. I am getting help with my bills….and I NEED that, being that my unemployment just ran out. So yes, Jack is spending time here. Where that will lead to I don’t know. I am not trying to force anything. But if you check the archives, it was no secret that I love him. But loving someone and being REALISTIC is different. I am a realist for the most part. I am NOT pushing anything. SO I hope this ‘FRIEND’ gets his shit together. Stop saying you don’t want me to get hurt. Stop saying I am neglecting you. You already now, after my kids go to bed, that time is set aside for me. I don’t want company. I don’t want to chit-fucking-chat. I want to sit in my room, type on the damn sticky keyboard, smoke a cigar and do whatever I fucking want to withot being bothered.

NO, I do not answer the phone everytime it rings. No, I do not throw wild parties every night. I have fucking kids…..alot in fact and I enjoy my quiet time. Just because my children’s father is here….who is also the dumbass I married….does not mean I am turning to him. And even if I did, that shit is my business and the only person responsible for any fucked up decision I make–is me. I am the one who has to live with it.

So, quit already. I am so tired of reassuring this shit over and over again. If I decide to get back with Jack, and he fucking mistreats my ass….then fuck me running, I am one dumb ass bitch.

But my life, my choices. Let me make them on my own.


*Breathe dammit*

* and just so ya’ll know—this friend and I have had ‘talks’ at least once a month. When I first moved into my apartment and got my car working again (yeah, that shit keeps breaking down) he felt ‘neglected and not needed’….and when I started to not have people over as much, he felt that way again. This has been ongoing. If I don’t call him, he gets upset. If I don’t see him, he gets upset. Now that Jack is around, he doesn’t like that and I guess feels threatened. This is the same guy who knows no end to helping me. But was he really helping as a true friend–or someone who wanted something? Hmmmmmmm?

Hello Piggy & Tazzy–Partying Cunts!

Ain’t this some skank shit.

These two hoochiefied monsters actually think they are sexy.

I say, run to the fucking bathroom and reapply your lipstick, bitches.

Fucking cunts.

In the style of SID,






cunts. Posted by Picasa

Damn Those Pimps

 Posted by Picasa

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